Personal Narrative-Creating At Sunset Ridge

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It was October 31st, 2014 chilly Halloween night. “Thanks Vania!” “Now I really look like a cheetah.” “ Your welcome Ally, you look soo beautiful.” Thank you!” i said very loudly as i blinked my two pretty brown eyes, chewing on my gum hard, and smiled very hard with a sassy girl look. Girls! “Are you girls ready to start trick-or-treating?” “Yes Va’nia we are ready!” me and my cousins yelled. We all decided to go trick-or-treating at Sunset Ridge, because we knew that Chateau and Willow Point apt. kids were there. Plus, Sunset Ridge has the best candies. As we went in Sunset Ridge my cousins and i saw a lot of our friends from Willow point and Chateau apt. When we saw them Va’nia looked for a place to park her car. Then we started walking…show more content…
I had to keep on running because if i stop running they will catch me. As i turn left they turned left.As i turn right they turned right. I kept on running fast like i was trying to to run for my life. I looked behind me, they kept on coming closer to me. Then i saw a small room. I went in the room and locked the door. When i locked the door they kept on running. They couldn’t find me anymore. They past by the door. When they past the door i opened the the door poked my head out and turn my head left and right slowly. The hallway was clear. I stepped out and ran back to the candy bowl and got my candy. As i got my candy i was running so fast to go back to the front door. As i was running further i saw the door with a big spider on it with spider webs. i tried to open the door but the door had a lot of keychains on the knob.I looked around to take something and open the door. I found a t hammer . I bang the hammer on the key chains. They key chains broke open. I open the door and ran outside. I saw the man that was standing on the porch. I passed by him. As when i was out i saw my cousins and Va’nia. I ran up to them and hug them so tight like i haven’t seen them for a long

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