Personal Narrative Cheerleading

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I gripped both sets of shaking hands next to me, and quickly interlocked fingers. The musty, familiar scent of the blue mats beneath me penetrated my nose. The crowd full of family and cheerleading enthusiasts fell silent as the announcer picked up his microphone. I shut my eyes a little closer and bent down even further into the mat. This was the moment I had been working for for over five months; the moment I’d envisioned in my head was here. In my mind, the announcer, sensing the anticipation of the crowd, would finally reveal the 2015 Conference Champions as Forest Hills Competitive Cheer. This could be the best moment of my life, if all played out as I imagined in my mind- but what if reality didn’t match up? What if the past five months…show more content…
But quickly and obediently I hurried back to the first formation of Round One- the round dedicated to tightness of motions, height of jumps, volume, and overall impression- and waited to hear set called. My heartbeat pounded in my ears, and my breath staggered as I tried to catch it. I heard “Ready, Set!” and began. Each motion I hit was as strong and rapid as a car crash; my voice roared as if my life depended upon being the loudest cheerleader on the mat. The first jump was approaching: I swung my arms and felt my feet soar into the air, remembering to avoid flexed feet and bent knees. I snapped my legs in together as gravity pulled them back to the mat and squeezed them shut so there was no movement. Each section of the cheer came as quickly as they passed, and in one short minute and thirty two seconds, I hit the final motion, with a smile plastered on my face: half because I had just given my all on the mat, half because the routine was finally finished. I thought that was the best performance we had given yet, and was expecting my coach to have goosebumps from my team’s sheer excellence and congratulate us with her praise. Then I heard the single word

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