How Did Ancient Greeks Influence Western Civilization

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Around 338 B.C., the Macedonians gained control over Greece. The heir of the Macedonian throne, Alexander the Great, was a fan of Greek culture and their accomplishments, and spread a mix of Macedonian and Greek culture on the Silk Road. The ancient Greeks’ most distinctive contributions to Western civilization were advances in math & science, revolutionizing philosophy & art, and the creation of democracy. While Greek civilization flourished, they made major advances in math & science. Regarding math, Euclid proposed a theorem stating that opposite angles measure the same [DOC 5]. Euclid’s theorem helped lay down the basics for geometry. Better geometry meant better architecture for buildings such as The Parthenon [DOC 7]. This Greek advancement…show more content…
Doctors in Western civilizations now need to take an oath before becoming doctors promising not to harm their patients, even if said patients want them to. Evidently, the Greeks made several advancements in math & science that influenced Western civilization greatly. Furthermore, the Greeks revolutionized philosophy and the arts. There were many deep thinkers in Ancient Greece. Socrates liked pushing others to ask questions and said "The unexamined life is not worth living" [DOC 1]. As a Greek philosopher, Socrates said to examine life because he most likely wanted to challenge people to think differently, and ultimately improve society. Socrates also developed the Socratic method, better known as the Scientific method to solve issues and understand concepts. A later philosopher, Aristotle, believed strongly that human life is superior to that of other animals because of human depth of thought, and ability to reason [DOC 2]. As a Greek philosopher, Aristotle would have encouraged people to ask questions and try to understand life, in order to better society. The Greeks’ attitude towards life of questioning everything and forming new ideas is reflected in Western civilization

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