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Friday in December There comes a time where the seasons change and that extra layer you needed to keep warm can be spared. This unsubtle shift in seasons compares to the transition of childhood to adulthood. Growing up you are faced with challenges in your daily life that as a child seem unbearable. Like the seasons progressing there is no distinct forecast that lets you know you've ventured into adulthood. Personally, I was hit with the inconceivable event where my cousin was murdered. Pushing me past the barrier, crossing the line into adulthood. Where there's no answer as to when your life can suddenly change. Waking up to the sound of my alarm clock was normally a dreary task, but on a friday seemed a little less undesirable. 5:30 a.m the house is pitch black stumbling trying to find clothes sparks memories of simpler times when mom used to pick out every outfit. A smile crosses my face realizing those days are all but a memory and wishing to be back in grade school. Shutting the door behind me it's clear that fall is over and winter is upon us. The leaves once full of life, now barren provide no signal as to today would be the day I would become an…show more content…
"Kate, what are the plans for the holidays?" Questions of the upcoming vacation fill everyone's agenda. The bell rings and we scramble to class. Always shifting weight trying to get comfortable, I settle into history class. "The Enlightenment was a time of what Katelyn....." scribbling on the inside of the margin I'm unaware of the answer my teacher is looking for. My skin flushed and began to feel hot. All eyes on me, it was clear my mind was somewhere else. But even this was not a signal that today would be the day of Chase's death. The day it's obvious that the people associated with childhood would become milestones that mark the extinction of my days as a

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