Graeter's Ice Cream

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Case six 1) Narrative 2) Yes, I feel that this business summary was well thought out and researched and would be worth looking deeper into the business plan for possible investment. 3) What I really like about this summary is that is seems really well researched. It shows the percentage of food moneys spent on dining out for the average American family. It also shows what competition the restaurant will be up against in the market he plans on entering. What really strikes me as a negative on this summary is the overly optimistic financial summary. I would not realistically expect to have 13 franchises sold in just the fifth year of operation, that number seems quite inflated to me. 4) There are two additions that I believe need to be added…show more content…
Many distributors of ice cream have lowered their standards to increase their output of ice cream. Graeter’s ice cream has not done this, sticking to their traditional style of fresh pot…show more content…
I do not believe that China was the best choice for a tech startup as this. There are many other options to China, but in my opinion India may have been a better option. With the amount of tech support related jobs that have moved to this country there is a very strong, talented employee base to choose from and the labor is actually cheaper (Comparison: Minimum Wages). 2) The global strategy chosen by Mr. Tsao’s company was locating facilities abroad. I do believe that this was the best strategy for their business. Having American employees working on a Chinese website would not be as efficient as having employees in China doing it. It will make it easier for them to keep up on local shopping trends and ensure that it is easier for their site to flourish. 3) Yes, I do believe that a management style change will have an effect on his Chinese employees. I believe that adjusting to his employees work style is something that he has done right, along with adding a meal allowance. I think if he had done more research before he decided to start a business in China could have been helpful in knowing the important issues that would have an effect on his workforce. I believe that an employee of the month would be important in a small Chinese firm, as public recognition is more valued in that culture than many other

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