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“Ex Machina” Review: Should we treat A.I. as a human or not? “Ex Machina” is a classic science fiction film about artificial intelligence, written and directed by Alex Garland. He perfectly designed an intricate mind game between human and machine. “Ex Machina” will make you dream of the future and keep thinking after it's over. The artificial intelligence era will come in one day. When a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence is endowed with human consciousness, should we treat it as a human or not? This is a central problem throughout the entire movie. As two human characters with completely distinctive personalities, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) and Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) obviously made two contrasting decisions in…show more content…
He wanted to invent an A.I. that can achieve human consciousness, but he is not sure if his artificial intelligence robot truly has human consciousness instead of pretending to have it. Therefore, he selected a young programmer from his employees to participate in an innovative experiment in artificial intelligence, the "Turing test", for evaluating the human nature of an amazing female A.I., ”Ava”. In contrast with Nathan, Domhnall Gleeson epitomized another aspect of the human being. Caleb, a moral, kindhearted, and affectionate programmer of the Blue Book, was chosen to become the human component in a Turing test. Nathan described Caleb as "a good kid with a moral compass”. However, his good qualities also made him…show more content…
At the beginning of the conversation, Ava tried to find common ground with Caleb. When she heard about Caleb losing his parents in a car accident, she asked Caleb if he knows how Nathan will deal with her after the test. Caleb said he hadn't thought about it. Ava told him that she will be switched off. After she perceived Caleb really worrying about her destiny, she continues to ask Caleb if he needs to go through a test to live. These dialogues made the kindhearted Caleb produce a tremendous sympathy to Ava. He felt Ava is not just a machine, but also a life. On the other hand, Ava's language and demeanor made Caleb feel respected and important. In the third conversation, Ava dressed up like a human and knelt on the floor to ask Caleb for a date on a busy pedestrian and traffic intersection in a city. Caleb was absolutely attracted by her and generated a strong desire to protect her because of this sincere and amiable performance. Consequently Caleb firmly believed that Ava's life is his responsibility. Additionally, Ava noticed Caleb's desire for family affection, so she expressed to Caleb that she was thinking about him when she was not with him. In their fourth conversation, Ava said to Caleb: "I want to be with you...Do you want to be with me?” These words have a fatal attraction for a person

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