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Frozen Bite opened its first store in Muscat, Qurum on January 7, 2014. Our idea was to create an Ice Cream and Milkshake store where people from all ages can enjoy themselves not only from great tasting, from quality milkshakes, but from the experience itself which creates a happy environment that makes every single guest smile. The most important part in The Frozen Bite Company is to make people smile and crave more for our unique flavors of ice creams and milkshakes. However our restaurant included a unique and attractive store design, everything is made of isolated ice from chairs to tables and with colorful and relaxing environment, friendly waiters, outstanding selections of ice creams and milkshakes and fresh toppings, and we pay more…show more content…
Frozen Bite unique services helps us deliver the products. Experiencing all of that together creates a smile in everyone’s face. Frozen Bite mission statement is "we make you freeze and melt". That smile we see it on every guest when they leave our store is always present on Frozen Bite face and it’s there to remind us of the mission which we gave each and every one of our team members. “You well-being is our passion”. We delight our customers with mouthwatering ice creams and milkshakes. This mission is the road map to achieve our vision statement "to make the Frozen Bite experience available to every visitor all over the world as a legacy for generations to come". The…show more content…
It is a way of doing business that challenging because it’s uncommon. Frozen Bite philosophy is begins with Professional ethics which is so important. As a CEO of Frozen Bite I see that being honest to your co-workers and customers is very important it’s a way which communication built on trust. The second thing is treat your co-workers with respect because in the long run they will be happy and able to work well. The third thing is being on time is very importing because it shows how my co-works are following my company principles and on the hand is shows how my company is professional. The fourth thing is team work and corporate with each other. By creating an environment where teamwork is one of the top priorities our restaurant can keep valued employees increase customer satisfaction and exceed sales goals and most significantly employees will feel like they are part of something and be excited to come to work every

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