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Friendship is never an opportunity but it always is a magnificent responsibility .Friend is a person whom one recognizes and has bond of common affection, exclusive of sexual or family relations. School, college, work or office if we find someone who shares some common feelings then we become friend in an instant. We sort friends mainly is three groups: common friends, girl-friends, boy-friends and best-friends. As we grow and mature we gain distinct first-hand experiences and only then we understand the way friendship works. There are untold ways of categorizing friends but there are three significant group of friends. Friend is a human being by birth and as we know a human personality can change depending on circumstances. The first group of friends are other friends. The group mainly includes stranger and people who we meet one or two times. This group is a neutral in context of friends. Other friends are those people who when we see each other somewhere occasionally, we say our greetings, shake hand and then leave after a very small conversation. This particular group does not seem important but this group has great significance because this…show more content…
This group of people are self-centered, obnoxious and jealous of other people. Friends in this group try to attach themselves to you the moment they find you, they bring their problems to you and expect you to solve their problems or at least help them to solve their problems but when you are in need of help they are nowhere to be found later they even pity you for being in trouble. Dishonesty and lies are other attributes found in this group. These friends try to act like your good friend where they make false promises to you and invite you their plans but as soon as you are out of sight they do not care and remember you. It is a part of human nature to be envious once in a while but these some people in this faction are happy when they prove that they are better than
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