Good Leader Characteristics

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I think good leader characteristics consist of being courageous, respectful, aware of your surroundings, adaptable to the people they are leading, encouraging, enthusiastic, rewarding, having an overall positive attitude, being open to criticism, organized, a delagator, consistent in being a leader, and more. These characteristics are key in being a good leader in different situations such as sports, recreational activities, musical performances or in bands, video games like Call Of Duty and Halo (both first person multiplayer shooter games designed for teams that can range from four on a team to twenty), work enviroments, and school. When reading this assingment I realized that putting situations where i have been a leader isn't an large amount of times. I've been a leader enough to have situations but not as many as natural leaders would have. I have experienced leadership situations in my workplace, school, cadets, and even over online video games. During work, I have taken the initiative to form plans that my co workers and I have agreed on in order to successfully complete the tasks at hand so we can all get off at the time we are supposed to. In order to achieve this, I worked…show more content…
At A Rugby practice just last week, I helped encourage the other girls to run harder and throw the ball a little farther by putting a slightly larger amount of space between them, while still keeping within their confort levels when it comes to throwing backwards. I also put faster runners on the end so they can sprint ahead and throw the ball back towards the other girls, thus starting the practice run we were going over again. By encouraging them when they successfully throw the ball, as well as when they sprint ahead to start the practice run again, the girls seemed more confident in their throws as well as the speed and distance they could throw and catch the rugby
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