Beowulf An Epic Hero Essay

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What characteristics defines an epic hero? For starters, an epic hero is someone who has special characteristics. For example, and epic hero may be seen as someone who made a huge difference in society, or someone who has superhuman abilities. Each and every epic hero shows a certain characteristic that defines what they did to be an epic hero. Almost all of the time, however, an epic hero is on an important self journey. Their purpose might not be directly for themselves, but they finish their quest to have it known about what they did. Beowulf, an epic hero of huge proportions, contains characteristics to prove that he is an epic hero. Some of the characteristics that prove he is an epic hero are he has superhuman courage, intelligence and strength,…show more content…
After Beowulf left his home, he came to help Hrothgar with his little problem. His little problem consisted of a monster named Grendel, which eventually snowballed into a problem with Grendel’s Mother. In the end Beowulf had his own problem with a dragon. So when Beowulf arrived, Hrothgar recruited him to kill Grendel. Not only was Beowulf successful, but he also killed Grendel without help from a weapon or anyone else. After he defeats Grendel, Grendel’s mom comes to exact revenge for her son. The story tells us that, “He leaped into the lake, wouldn’t wait for anyone’s answer; the heaving water covered him over” (Raffel 450-52). Evidently this means that the end is near for her. Hrothgar again calls on Beowulf for assistance, and again Beowulf answers. Beowulf goes down to her home alone, and has to kill her with no weapons because they would not work. Lastly, after Beowulf has become the leader of his homeland, he leads an army of his men to the home of a dragon that possesses great treasure. This is however, Beowulf’s last stand, but he doesn’t go out without a fight. Beowulf and one other, Wiglaf, kill the dragon, and claim its treasure for their

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