How Did Eminem Lose Yourself

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Ericka Barr 5th Hour “Lose Yourself” Imagine you vomited your Mom’s spaghetti onto your sweater. These are a few mellifluous words used by the one and only “Slim Shady.” The well known Eminem wrote the song “Lose Yourself” for the first movie, “8 Mile,” he was featured in. The lyrics from this song reflect on: the poor life of how he grew up in Detroit, and his dreams of becoming a rapper. To achieve greatness, often something wanders into the path of one’s life, and it is their choice to follow or not, which makes the opportunity such a strong and powerful thing. Many people have had chances in their life, whether it was a full ride to a university, or a higher paying job across the country, although not everyone chooses to take these chances.

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