The Nativity Sandro Botticelli

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In The Nativity Sandro Botticelli achieves a dynamic balance with his use of people and organic objects and portrays the importance of the nativity of the baby Jesus by using implied lines. Sandro Botticelli was an artist who was born in Florence Italy and lived from 1444-1510. Botticelli created his piece titled The Nativity in between the years 1473-1475 as a fresco that was later transferred to a fabric canvas. The Nativity is located in Columbia, South Carolina at the Columbia Museum of Art and is on display as part of their Kress Collection. This painting can only be viewed from one side because it is framed and hung on a wall. As the name implies the focus of this painting is a scene depicting the nativity of the baby Jesus. The style…show more content…
The top is curved like a half circle cutting off any sharp corners that would be present in a normal rectangular painting. This Fresco depicts the nativity of Jesus Christ. Jesus is at the center of the painting propped up on a bundle of wood on uneven ground with sparse shrubs growing. He is being watched over by his father Joseph who wears blue and yellow clothing, his mother Mary who is a deep blue robe, a little boy who looks to be wearing furs, a donkey and a cow inside a crumbling stable made of bricks, and logs. To the left of the painting standing outside of the stable are two young men who are having a conversation with each other. One is wearing a deep red tunic while the other is wearing a dark shade of brown. To the immediate left of the young men are dense trees. In the top center of the painting there is a group of three angels who are reading from a book underneath the stables roof. To the right of the stable Magi are in the distance riding horses down from the mountains accompanied by angels. Beneath the Magi are a formation of rocks. On the horizon you can see a mountain line. The sky is light blue at the horizon and darker shade of blue toward the top of the painting so it looks as if dawn is just about to

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