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“Furious 7” left me speechless and astonished the very first time I saw it. I went with my mother and sister to the theater to watch it, and being the fan I am of the whole Fast and Furious franchise made the movie touches me even more. Flying cars, fist fighting action, blowing up cars, and car chases is what makes each movie better than the last one. Like said by Steve Persall “No one does loop to loop action better than Fast and Furious franchise.” “Furious 7” is my favorite movie because its action packed, it has different values one can take away from it, and it’s full of grade A actors. This film is packed from the beginning to the end with action of car chases or even flying cars, and along with fist fights between man and woman…show more content…
The action scenes in this movie between Dom and Deckard Shaw are intense which I really think they had an even better connection of anger from both of them wanting to get revenge on one another, then the action scene in “Fast Five” between Hobbs and Dom. Another really great action scene was the one between Letty and the party bouncer a great way of making the statement girls can defend themselves that was also stated in “Fast and Furious Six”. This one was even more captivating being in designer dresses in high story buildings were they also pulled out the flying cars through one building into another building. This movie stays true to itself while going above and beyond in the…show more content…
Along with newer characters who are just great at what that they do. Deckard Shaw (played by Jason Statham) being a new character who was kind of seen at the end of the third movie and then seen again in more depth in “Furious 7” is an incredible actor. Dom Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) main character seen in almost of the furious movies is a definite remarkable actor. Brian O’Conner (played by the late Paul Walker) right hand of Dom is also introduced in almost all movies is mostly known for his steps through the Fast and Furious franchise. Along with many more characters who played great roles, but one character who was introduced in later movies is Agent Hobbs (played by the great Dwayne Johnson). Watching all of these movies makes you appreciate good actors, and sadly Paul Walker is no longer with us, yet he made a huge different in these movies. The intentions of keeping Paul Walker alive through the movie and finishing strong is understood there are some parts where one can notice the difference. Along with the fact that you can get distracted by trying to think too hard and figure if he’s really the one talking or not. For the most part however, this movie is captivating thanks to the Great actors along with the great crew of film writer, produce, director, and all the little

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