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The Pianist This essay will be based on a movie that we saw on the class of Language arts, The movie was based on real events, the movie is titled The Pianist, the pianist is a movie that is based on the life of Wladyslaw Splitzman and his time in World War II. The Jewish Holcoaust also knew in Hebrew as Shoá stands up for The Catastrophe or as the Nazi use it The final solution or in german Endlosung. It starts in 1941 and ended in 1945. The Nazi made genocide (genocide is when they will a large number of people) they killed: Jews, Slavs, gay man, colored people, and Jehovah Witnesses. The holocaust happened during World War II, the way that Nazis made genocide was by putting them in gas chambers, concentration camps, in ghettos( in German neighborhood) and the people died because of…show more content…
I also was intrigued to see what happened to Wladyslav Spiltsman because he had gone in some crazy ways to survive and to not get caught by German/Nazi officers. I also liked when the Jewish rebellion stood up and fought the Germans/ Nazi officers because I felt that is was relieving to see that they were strong and that they would not let the Germans/Nazi and Hitler win, and that is how I felt while watching the movie The Pianist. The war, there is a lot of consequences of war. The war is never good, two countries fighting each other, does not matter how big or small the countries are, war is war, the consequences of war are: anger: the anger can cause more wars. There is also a lot of innocent people dead, and a lot more hurt, and much more people sad because of their losses, between family and friends. With war, it also comes economy collapses because they used the money to create weapons and also to get their people to safety. There is also hunger because they used the farmers to use as soldiers in

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