Egypt And China Similarities

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Ancient Egypt and China were both civilizations that had little interaction with each other, as a result, they had little similarities in culture. Little similarities does not mean no similarities though. Even though Egypt and China believed in different religions, and had different ways of honoring the deceased in the period before 600 B.C.E, they both had general morals. To begin with, Egypt’s and China’s religious beliefs were in no way similar. Egypt had a more polytheistic religions believing that the gods were responsible for all the natural events, and if they were not worshipped than bad things will happen as a result. This is proven in the Egyptian carving of Seti the pharaoh offering riches to the god of death in exchange for passage into the afterlife. However, the Chinese beliefs are extremely different from that. of Egypt. The ancient Chinese believed that they could predict people's destinies by interpretations of the cracks inside of bones. To pursue the topic of differences further, China and Egypt had different ways of honoring the dead. While Egyptians filled their giant tombs with riches depicting their wealth. The Egyptians believed that the more riches they had brought to the…show more content…
In other words both civilizations believe that if they follow the rules that they can secure a spot in the afterlife. inside the Book of the Dead, which is a guide for the Egyptian afterlife, was pretty much a list of things that are generally bad and if these things were to be done, then said person would not be able to go to the good part of the afterlife. This is not all that different from the Chinese Book of Rites during the Zhou Dynasty. The Book of Rites states the social structure and the basic ceremonial rites of ancient China, if you follow the social structure and filial piety than you “secure the blessings of
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