Globalization Influencing Australia

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In this report the topic of discussion is on globalisation and how it is influencing Australia in both a positive and negative way. Globalisation is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. The report will talk about the economic, social, environmental and political impact that globalisation is causing. The population of Australia is about 23 billion people, with the language spoken being mostly English in all areas. This investigation will give the reader a better understanding of the topics that are being discussed. Social Impacts The social dimension of globalisation refers to the impact of globalisation on the life and work of people, families…show more content…
Although both have affected Australia, the better communications have helped Australia a lot and had a greater effect to the nation and even global regions. Communication with other countries are vital if Australia wants to be a better known nation to the world, and the increase of migrants from other countries are migrating to Australia and sharing their traditions and new food to the…show more content…
Globalisation has impacted the environment in both a negative and positive for the public and Australia. Globalisation has created some concern to the environment, activists have pointed out that globalisation has led to an increase in the consumption of product, which has impacted the ecological cycle. A positive outcome of globalisation on the environment is larger companies who produce a lot of gases are starting to use alternative energy sources that have less impact on the environment. Globalisation has had both positive and negative affect on Australia with increasing consumption of product and larger companies using alternative energy sources which have less impact on the environment. Overall both have had an effect on Australia but the use of alternative energy sources from larger companies has helped the environment out a lot. The use of solar panels and wind turbines help the environment out because there is less greenhouse gasses in the air. Large companies use a lot of energy and with energy sources the pollution in the air is going to reduce and help the

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