How Does Globalisation Affect Australia

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Globalisation in Australia: What’s the G20 Again? Table of Contents What is Globalisation? 3 Social Impact of Globalisation in Australia 4 Economic Impact of Globalisation in Australia 5 Environmental Impact of Globalisation in Australia 6 Political Impact of Globalisation in Australia 7 Globalisation in Australia: Positive or Negative? 8 Bibliography 9 What is Globalisation? Globalisation is the interconnection of different countries, predominantly through trade, and allows cultures to be spread throughout the globe. Although it seems to make the world bigger, whereas in reality it actually makes the world smaller because it is so easy to get somewhere or talk to someone thousands of kilometres away. Whilst globalisation is generally influenced by technology, it is not a new thing, with links of…show more content…
The country has benefitted socially, economically, politically but has also suffered environmentally. In terms of positive impact on Australia, globalisation has allowed many Australians to become employed, meaning a better economy and healthier families. Politically, we have strengthened our relationships with countries through trade, such as the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) that we recently made with China. This allows businesses and individuals to benefit from trade between China and Australia. However, all of these positive things have to lead to some negative things, such as climate change and deforestation. Although Australia has suffered from large amounts of deforestation and introduction of exotic species, studies have been conducted to reduce the effects of deforestation, such as rising heat levels. Most of all, Australia has benefited economically from globalisation. This is because we are the world’s leading producer in bauxite, iron ore and zircon, as well as the next biggest producers of many other important minerals that are used all over the

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