Literature Review On Feminism In Environmentalism

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From my what I understand, the article presents an interesting concept of how feminism plays a role in the world of environmentalism. The authors presented the topic in a manner that expands the line of thought to be used in order to identify the problems in the Niger Delta river in the perspective of international relations, it explains the struggles faced by the women living in the certain disadvantageous conditions, and how it should be solved through a global perspective. The global perspective that the author pointed out can be seen through the explanations on how the issues can be solved through pushing through the ideas for equality by involving the women to have a bigger role and participating and making public policy. However, the…show more content…
In the aspect of feminism in environmentalism, the combined perspective is still not yet commonly understood by the even the IR scholars in general, and providing the necessary data and argument why the feminist approach should be appropriate in solving the issue haven’t been thoroughly explained. The author gave an extensive detailed report about the research and scientific findings about the progress in the climate level such as the rise of the sea level, rising temperatures in the global level that is conducted by the UNDP and UNEP, but more extensive data about how it affects the livelihood of women in the area have yet to be provided thoroughly, in order to make a fair argument. The presented options of the article somehow fail to identify the suggestion, or solution that can be presented specifically for the betterment of the women living in the…show more content…
Including women into the discussions adds a perspective that would help create better approaches for the solution faced in their society. By doing that also, raising the solutions to create the equal conditions between men and women in society can be reached thoroughly, and being inclusive of all the perspectives that must be involved. The author presented a mixed structure with differing lines of thought, and the structure that is presented in the journal can be slightly confusing for certain times. Establishing a more structured approach would be commendable for people to understand the issue better, especially for those who do not believe the concept of both feminism, and also environmentalism. My suggestion for the research is to conduct the specific research about the impacts of the climate change specifically for women in the Niger River Delta. Since the author implied that there is still little research conducted in that matter, hopefully in the near future this article is referred literature to develop it

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