Effects Of Stress In Adolescence

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conditions (Stratton and Hayes, 1988; Rebert S. Feldman, 1989). Stress is a state of tension produced by pressure or conflicting demands with which the person cannot adequately cope (Jary and Jary, 1995). The feelings of discomfort people are stress (Keenan, 1998). Geddes and Grosset (1996) define stress as a “wear and tear” that our minds and bodies experience as we attempt to adjust with our constant changing environment. Stress is an excess of demands over the individual’s ability to meet them (Atkinson, 1999). Adolescence has been regarded as a period between childhood immaturity and adult maturity of rapid change both biologically and psychologically and is the period of day-dreams, adventures, intense affections and longings. Although adolescents may face periods of uncertainly, loneliness, self-doubt, anxiety and concern about themselves and their future, they are also likely to experience excitement, joy, and feeling of competences as they overcome the developmental changes. Passions and emotions are at the peak during…show more content…
Stress depends largely on background experiences, temperament and environmental conditions. The term stress refers to an internal state, which results from frustrating or unsatisfying conditions. Defining stress is a very complex matter, which is the subject of different analyses and continuous debate among experts. Beyond the details of this debate, a general consensus can be reached about a definition of stress, which is centered on the idea of a perceived imbalance in the interface between an individual, the environment and other
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