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Partition of Bengal 1905 : The division into parts of Bengal was the most important event during the rule of Lord Curzon. It was carried out mainly for the convenience of the Government. Bengal in those days was the biggest province of India getting stretched out over 1,89,000 square miles with a population of 80 million people. It was consisting of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa and was under the central of one lieutenant governor. After Lord Curzon took charge as Governor General of India. The discussion over the division into parts began due to the following reasons: 1. Vastness of Province: The province was put out on top over the part of 1,89,000 square miles with a population of 80 million people, which is to sizeable to managed by one…show more content…
Need of the time: The division of Bengal was necessarily needed in that time to develop the trade in East Bengal and to promote the port of Chittagong, that could only be done by the division. 5. Partition: The partition of Bengal was for the benefits of individual and for better administration. Lord Curzon divided Bengal inti two parts on 16th October 1905 and named it as Western Bengal and Eastern Bengal. The Eastern Bengal consisted of Dacca, Maman singh, Assam, Kaula, Rangpur and Bogra district. Dacca was the capital of the Eastern Bengal which represents greater number of Muslims in Province. Bihar and Orissa represented as separate province and called as Western Bengal. Calcutta was the capital of Western Bengal which represents greater number of Hindus in province. Eastern Bengal consists of population of eighteen millions Muslims and twelve millions Hindus whereas Western Bengal consists of population of two millions of Muslims and forty two million Hindus. Reaction of Muslims towards partition: It received a good for move from the Muslims. It was thoughtful that it would take the process of making free of Muslims in group way and by money and goods that Muslims are totally free economically and socially they are no more under privileged. The Hindus have no more ruling power over Muslims. The Muslims take sign of well taken in the division of Bengal into parts for following

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