The Alcmaeonid: Tyranny In Athens

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Tyranny was ended by the Alcmaeonids. Who with help from Sparta was able to force Hippias, the current tyrant into exile in 510 B.C.E. Which ended tyranny in Athens. Hippias rule had become erratic after the death of his brother, Hipparchus in 514 B.C.E. For the people who were under the tyrants rule, it can be difficult to live this way. Most tyrants were not really "bad" but then did tend to look after themselves. They did not have to consider other citizens needs or wants, but it was in their best interest to keep people happy. When it came it assembly, councils, and courts met. Pisistratus (Hippias father) would, as Western Heritage states: “saw to it that his supporters dominated these bodies.” He wanted it to look like a constitutional

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