Single Women Make Less Than Men Essay

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Women, working just as hard, making less than Men Everyone wants to get paid decent. When you work just as hard as another person with the same level of skills and education you generally expect to get paid the same. This isn’t true in society. The world is biased on more than just the color of your skin, but your gender as well. Although social and political efforts have been made to try and close the wage gap and in turn the wealth gap, recent Census data still indicate that women earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. People may disagree, but the proof is in the research. Women are getting paid less than men. What are the reasons? It’s a combination of race, education, job choice, experience, and a lot of question marks. Meaning,…show more content…
When it’s based on things other than just gender the gap gets bigger. For black women the earning is 69.5 cent on the dollar and for Hispanic women it 60.5 cent on the dollar compared to the earnings of their white male counterparts (AAUW). When putting single mothers in the picture, things only get uglier. Single mothers make less than married women. They even make less than women without children (AAUW). Women of color with children have it hardest based on my research. These women are more likely to live in poverty and have a harder time ever becoming wealth. Among single mothers, African Americans have the highest rate of unemployment 11.7 percent followed by Latinas at 8.7 percent (AAUW). Single mothers of color hold the highest poverty rates as well as the lowest median income levels. This creates unique challenges to building wealth and prosperity for their families. With the less money you make, the less you have to save and the less you have to invest. Making it harder for you to move up and getting wealth. Not saying it’s impossible, it’s simply just more difficult

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