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IT’S DECEPTIVELY EASY to calculate how much—or how little—women in the United States earn relative to men. “You take everyone who’s working 35 or more hours a week for the full year, find the median for women, find the median for men, and divide,” says Lee professor of economics Claudia Goldin, explaining how to arrive at the ratio repeated by public officials: 78 cents to the dollar. “It’s very simple.” Yet the wage gap is much more nuance than professors or feminist would have you believe. The public would have you convinced that every corporation or workforce is riddled with discrimination. That women are paid less than men for the same job and this couldn’t be more false. These ratios don’t include very important factors such as occupation, hours worked or the fact that men are generally willing to work in different long or late hours. So that leads me to question why is there a gender wage gap and is a result of discrimination ? One theory that collection of people use to try and explain this phenomenon is the idea that men cause more money than women by reason of more of them composing more lucrative career choices. These ideas is based off a lot of statistics, Men are much more prone to pick professions that are more perilous, so they normally…show more content…
If a factory could hire a women and pay her less than a man for the same job, why wouldn’t everyone hire women? Considering wages are the single highest cost for most companies if they receive paid the 77 cents to the man's dollar businesses would seek to only hire women. Most of these statistics that motivate the gap seem ridiculous and are a result of their research not including hours worked or occupations. While discrimination does exist in individuals it will happen to everyone and that is wrong but to say that all across America women are purposefully being paid less seems

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