Gender Stereotypes

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The select few African American women who choose to pursue the field of engineering must adapt to an environment that has been categorized as the “most male dominated profession in the USA” (Fox, 2006, p. 47; Hatmaker, 2013, p. 382), with a “chilly climate” towards women (Walton, Logel, Peach, Spencer, & Zanna, 2014, p. 1), high instances of racism attributed to the Whiteness of the field (Brown, Morning, & Watkins, 2005), and lack of role models of color (Concannon & Barrow, 2009). Couple these factors with experiences of stereotype threat (McGee & Martin, 2011) and African American women engineering students are left to navigate uninviting spaces that may make it difficult for them to construct their academic identities as scientists and

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