Story Of Tom And Jerry In The 1930's

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Tom and Jerry in an avalanche While Tom and Jerry where home alone, and playing in their front yard. They had no idea that an earth quake was going to happen. They had been told if an earth quake happened, to always find somewhere safe. They had a big tree and a power line in the front yard, and a big tree fort in the back yard. But Jerry was safe because he could fit in the other mouse holes and inside the house walls. They were told to stay out of trouble wile tom’s owners were gone, but they didn’t know how much trouble they were going to be in after the earth quake happens. Tom’s owners were out of town, and they were getting watched by a neighbor. Tom’s owners were getting back on the next day. The radio said that the earth quake was going to happen around two o’clock, and it was one o’clock at the moment; but the baby sitter was to busy watching a movie and her phone was in the car, because she got trampled by tom and Jerry when she got out of the car, because she is tom’s favorite baby sitter.…show more content…
Then they herd a loud rumbling sound up in the mountains. Then they saw the ground start to move and the power went out. The baby sitter ran outside to tell them to come inside the storm shelter. But tom tripped and twisted his ankle and he couldn’t walk so the baby sitter tried to run out and save him right as the avalanche was almost at the house, so she gave him up and closed the door to the storm shelter. Then about five minutes later they felt all the walls start shake and they herd lots of clanking. Twenty minutes later it finally

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