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Ahmed Alqurashi Dr. Eric Luttrell English Literature 2332 August 3rd, 2015 El Cid and Beowulf The song of the Cid and Beowulf are two great narrative works. “The song of the Cid” is an oldest preserved Castilian epic poem, which was written based on a true story and was divided into three cantars. The story narrates battles, tribulations, and wins, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar called the “Cid” is accused of holding back for himself tributes he was sent to collect for his king, the king barred him from his native country and even though The Cid after leaving did many good things, won battles, and sent gifts to his king, he did not forgive him for his betrayal. On the contrary, Beowulf is an old English epic poem and one of the most important works…show more content…
In “The song of Cid” Alfonso VI of Leon was the king of Castile, and King Hrothgar descendant of the great king Shield Sheafson was the king in “Beowulf”. Both kings played a role of great leaders of their countries and their people, but were dealing with different situations. In the song of Cid, King Alfonso dealt with the Cid’s exile and controlled that he leaves the country in 6 days. On the other hand, king Hrothgar dealt with Grendel, a demon who was terrorizing the people from his country, the king wanted him…show more content…
As an example: The Cid in “The song of Cid” and Beowulf in “Beowulf”. According to Cid, EL, “El Cid was a Spanish warrior, whom later legend made into a national hero and the embodiment of chivalry and virtue (2014).” Furthermore, according to M.I Ebbut, “It is this grand primitive hero who embodies the ideal of English heroism. Bold to rashness for himself, prudent for his comrades, daring, resourceful, knowing no fear, loyal to his king and his kinsmen, generous in war and in peace, self-sacrificing, Beowulf stands for all that is best in manhood in an age of strife (1924).” Historically, both had proved with his heroic accomplishments to be leaders and brave heroes during that time. The main difference between both poems is that El Cid was banished by the King from his native country, due to a conflict between them; on the contrary, Beowulf had his King’s full support since he was the one in charge to defeat Grendel with the support of his group of

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