Sacrifice In Roberto Benigni's Life Is Beautiful

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The film Life is Beautiful (1997) which is directed by Roberto Benigni, who is also the writer and play the role of Guido, is somewhat bizarre, yet sentimental. Also, starring NicolettaBraschi as Dora Orefice, the wife of Guido, and Giorgio Cantarini as Joshua, son of the Orefice. The unexpected plot twist from preposterous series of events to an upside down sorrowful incident drove the audience into a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The film starts with a frolicsome Guido Orefice who is a Jew and comes intoArrezo, Italy to open a book store. Meanwhile, he works as a waiter under the care of his Uncle Eliseo. As the film goes by, Guido fall in love with a school teacher named Dora, who comes from a wealthy family. Despite being committed to other man, Dora married Guido and have a son named Joshua. On the fifth birthday of Joshua, the World War II goes off, Guido and his family is captured by the Germans and taken to the labor camp. In order to protect his son from the brutal reality of life, Guido tells his son that they are playing a game which a real tank will be the prize. Unknowingly, the eagerness to hold his family together, lead to his death. Thus, his sacrifice is meaningful as his family is being free from the horrible circumstances.…show more content…
I like on how Benigni show the foolishness of Guido which in th first thought is just a silly act. However, if you would analyze it, there are something valuable lessons or reasons behind the story. Just like the scene where Guido is translating the German words into the mechanics of the game to cover up the cruel events that happens to his family. He exposed that no matter the circumstances turn bad, people must make a way on how you want it to be. Also, I like the part when when Guido is manipulating his surroundings in wooing Dora. The act which he has the control in the surroundings when actually it is just a coincidence shows that it is not always negative when the went go

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