Personal Narrative: Joining A Sorority

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Choosing Ramapo was one of the greatest decisions of my life. With it came an entirely new, eclectic group of friends, academic and social guidance and new acquaintances I’d soon call sisters. The decision of joining a sorority came shortly after my decision to attend Ramapo. I have learned joining a sorority is a very personal decision, and definitely is not for everyone, but has proven to be a great decision for me. There have been times where I questioned my decision, but even more times when I couldn’t see myself without my sisters. Becoming a sister has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made throughout my college career thus far, and it has been a segue for numerous opportunities involving socializing, networking and fundraising. There are five sororities on my campus, all fabulous in their own individual ways. Although our letters are different, I know there is one thing every member of Greek life has heard or been told: that we "pay for our friends.”…show more content…
Guess what? I had to pay tuition for each of these activities. Granted, I was cultivating a skill in the process, but why is this any different than being in a sorority? Throughout each of my childhood activities, I was happy. I wasn’t forcing anyone to join in the activities in which I was engaged, but I still managed to establish relationships with people on my team as well as with people who weren’t. Like playing on a soccer team or dancing on an elite competition team, if someone chooses not to enroll, that is her respectable

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