Essay On Police And Armed Forces

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The main aim of security activities is to preserve the values of society against external and internal threats, preserve the peace and freedom of the people and to ensure the existence and smooth development of society (Bebler et al., 1999). Perception of threats is crucial since threats generate the functions of the two most important actors of the security system – the police and the armed forces. Traditionally, the police are expected to play the central role in policing that has a narrow law enforcement and crime control or crime repression focus (Greene, 2000). Police are therefore traditionally responsible for public order and safety maintenance, for law enforcement, for intervention in a variety of situations, for preventing, detecting, and…show more content…
Enloe (1990) also describes the main raison d’être of the armed forces as the defence of a nation-state from external threats. Other characteristics of the armed forces are the following: • military personnel may not be concentrated in just one or two bases but they are unlikely to be scattered throughout the national territory; • military units are relatively large, numbering in hundreds, not dozens of men; • armed forces face adversaries who are likely to operate in large units as well and often at some distance which increases dependence on weaponry and makes suppression via “arrest” less likely; • internally, armed forces are subject to organisational differentiation according to mission and technical orientation with the major boundaries being those between army, navy and air

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