3d Visualization In Advertising

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THE AID OF 3D VISUALIZATION IN ADVERTISING What is 3D visualization/rich media advertising? Rich media is one of the most preferred advertising media. 3D visualization involves the use of highly attractive as well as interactive ad display and they tend to hold the attention of the consumers more as compared to the other forms of advertising such as the banner ads. 3D visualization is of high quality and they include animations as well as visual and audio streaming which has been undoubtedly enabled by the aid of the increasing availability if the internet What are the merits of 3D visualization in the advertisement industry? 3d visualization has in the recent past been applied in the marketing of most products ranging from the clothing industry…show more content…
What if the industry were to make the actual product and avail it to the market? There is a possibility that not all of the clients will not be satisfied with the draft thus forcing the company to remake and polish the product again and again until the desired results are achieved. Thanks to three dimensional rendering however since through this, we do not get to waste resources. If physical models were used in the sharing of ideas between various rather than the three dimensional models, it would be quite cumbersome to distinguish the areas that need correction and also to access the projects in concern if the geographical distance between the two firms were too large. 3D visualization has brought about flexibility in use of 3D renderings across marketing platforms. 3D visualization has resulted to an enhanced curb appeal. 3D animation can be used in high resolutions such that the product that is intended to be accessed by the market is presented via realistic visualizations and animations. Such a display will undoubtedly in the long run capture the interest of the general public hence increasing the market…show more content…
The infinite potential of the advertisement imagination such that the marketer can portray exactly what he would like the target consumers to see. Apart from allowing one to enjoy flexibility in advertising the products in question, 3D visualization allows one to later on make adjustments to the advert if there are any alterations to the actual product that is being advertised; this is however not the case if physical means were used to advertise the product since it would be quite expensive to modify an already finished product and would it into the updated

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