Happy Skincare Case Study

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Happy Skincare Reference Link: http://happyskincare.com.au/ About Happy Skincare Happy Skincare is a caring, genuine and totally organic merchant that offers 100% natural products. The entire merchandise is tested only on human hamsters and is safe to use. Besides this, it is also a simple, effective portal which guarantees authentic merchandise to its valued customers. Happy Skincare is basically a mix-a-holic merchant which mixes or blends whatever they can get their hands on like Smoothies (usually green), Mix tapes (children of the 80’s), Mixed Socks (no prizes for most organized household) and Doughs (homemade bread is the best). In the coming years, they are going to be a champion in cocktail mix. They consider mixing to be their secret…show more content…
They use INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) nomenclature for…show more content…
They provide free shipping via Express shipping to Australian orders which are greater than $100. For orders less than $100, they charge a considerable shipping amount of $9.90. They try to deliver your orders as soon as possible. Returns & Refunds Suppose you have got a faulty merchandise or you are not satisfied due to other reasons, you can straightaway return it back within 30 days time period for 100% refund of your money. Customer Reviews Magenta Sweeney, Avoca (Age 45) Happily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum: Amazing! I’ve had a small dark patch next to my eye for 17 years, after 4 weeks of applying (most days) the blackish patch faded to a dull brown and thinner in size. I have confidence that the product will help the spot to disappear in time. Thanks.” Payment Options They accept all major Credit and Debit Cards such as: • PayPal • Master Card • American Express • VISA If you do not want to make the payment online, then in that case you don’t have to worry and just call their executive’s and they will be happy to take your order over the phone. You can call Phoebe and Aaron on (02) 4957 5774 during office

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