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A few lines about Chennai: Chennai is located off the Bay of Bengal on the Coramandel coast in India. This is one of the most visited cities in the world with 47th ranking, which attracts mainly tourists for its ancient medicines and health routines. It is one of the remarkable cities in Tamil Nadu, famous for its historical heritage spots. Being the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai has got a lot of phenomenal places with a blend of both traditional and western cultures to visit. Valluvar Kottam- A tribute to the glorious poet: Now, travelling through the pages of history, the Valluvar Kottam stands majestically at the cross roads of Kodambakkam High Road and village road. The Valluvar Kottam was constructed to honour the memorable and scholarly…show more content…
Thirukural is praised globally for its moral value and life facts which enrich the life of mankind. Due to its tremendous popularity, it has been translated in many languages around the globe with Latin being the first translation. Therefore, this Valluvar Kottam stands as a tribute to the veteran poet and his crown jewel. Enactment of the Valluvar Kottam: The Valluavar Kottam was formulated by then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Kalaignar M Karunanidhi during 1975- 1976. It was designed by the veteran south Indian architect V.Ganapathi Sthapati, who was also the architect of the Thiruvalluvar statue at Kanyakumari. On 15th of April 1976, the place was declared open by the honourable President of India by Shri Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and Shri Kodardas Kalidas Shah, Governor of Tamil Nadu. During 2nd March 1984, new saplings were planted by then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. M. G. R and sanctified Mother Teresa. The Kural…show more content…
The two stone elephants in front, each of 7 feet height looks as if they are pulling the chariot. Here you can see the lucid imagination of the architect. The stone car is flanked on sides by four wheels- two big and two small with a total of eight wheels. Each of the four big wheels is about 11 and a quarter feet in diameter and 2 and half feet thick, sculpted in a solid block of stone. Intricate sculptures from the levels of the chariot. Each of the carvings depicts the meaning of the couplets. The stone car has a kalasam on top which is about 5 feet in height. The octagonal sanctum of Thiruvalluvar is located at a height of 30 feet with a life size statue of the saint. The statue is 7 feet high and the three pointed fingers of Thiruvalluvar denote the three main sections of his masterpiece, Thirukural. . The unique feature of this chariot is that, it is baseless and stands royally without any support which makes it one of the iconic heritage places of Chennai. The auditorium: The ornate threshold of the auditorium is designed as a ‘Thorana Vayil’. The speciality of this ornate opening is that in ancient Tamil culture signifies the welcoming of the visitors. The auditorium is designed with grid type roofing to eliminate the pillar supports. The extent of the auditorium is about 220 feet in length and 110 feet broad and it is one of the biggest auditoriums in Asia, capable of accommodating 4000 persons at

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