Why Do We Dream Aboriginal

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Aboriginals were discovered over 18,000 years ago. Land is a very important thing to them they believe that it’s the core to all spirituality. Each clan of Aboriginals have their own territory. They are divided among each other by land markings such as rivers, mountains, and large bodies of water. Aboriginals get to know their land by hunter and gather life. Aborigines identify themselves through their land areas, relationship, language, and stories through ceremonies of art, family, religion, and sports. There are about 600 different clan groups. Each one is based on where around the world they are found. Each clan is different and unique because each environment is different and aborigines identify themselves adapting themselves to their environment.…show more content…
Kinship influences marriage, how to behave to one another as an adult, and how to respect their land areas. Dreaming is a big part of their lives. When they dream aboriginals believe that their ancestors come to earth in human form and create animals, plants, rocks, and relationships people, the land, and animals. Once they wake up from the dream their ancestors don’t leave but instead turn into trees, rocks, water, and stars. They are sacred things to the aborigines because they didn’t disappear but instead they stayed on earth to protect them. Dreaming is long lasting and never ends. Tools depend on their geographical area. Clans who live closer to water use nets, and shaper tools to catch fish, but dessert clans use stones to kill their food. Aboriginals all had knives, axe- heads, spears, and digging tools. Aboriginals were the first to introduce cutting tools With the stone but when Europe was found later on they created things out of glass and meatal because it was easier to make and

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