My First Skateboard Research Paper

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It was a warm August morning in 2012. I that just returned from Zumiez with my first my skateboard. I was extremely happy to finally have my very own skateboard. When I arrived home that day, it was far too dark to skate. So I had to wait until the morning to ride my new skateboard. I wake up around 11:30 on a sunday morning. I went through my morning routine. After that I made a frozen pizza in the oven. Around 45 minutes pass and i had my human gasoline to go. I grabbed my iPod and headphones then chirped out. I searched on my iPod for a good song. I choose the song “Break stuff” by Limp Bizkit. That song is still to this my get “amped” song. Whenever I work out or have a bad day I turn that song on and I just feel better. The feeling felt great I was about ride my first skateboard. I stepped on the black pavement then ran stepped on my board. The wind going through my hair. If felt…show more content…
It was a sign. I had to be, no one falls five seconds after stepping on their board. I told myself I would never skate again. I got up and walked to the door and went to the bathroom to clean up the mess a pebble made. I cleaned the cut on my arm. It wasn’t big but it was big enough to not want to step on a skateboard again. After i clean up I put a bandage on it and sit on the couch and ponder the thought of me skating again and didn’t want to do that again. Falling on my face and elbow was not a good feeling. It was twice as worse than the feeling I got from having the wind go through my hair the adrenaline wasn't enough to make we want to go back. I went outside and kicked the pebble that caused all this and grabbed my board and went inside into my room. I sat there for a few hours wallowing in the pain and embarrassment. Just thinking “I don’t want this to happen again”, and “I should just quit”. I just thought skating wasn’t what I should be doing maybe I should try something

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