Forest Degradation Research Paper

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AbstractCHAPTER ONE 1. INTRODUCTION Forests provide economic, socio-cultural and ecological values. Livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people worldwide have been engaged on forest products either directly or indirectly (FAO, 2006). Forests have a vital safety net role in time of needs. Forest degradation is a widespread global concern and an important contemporary issue for several United Nations (UN) organizations and conventions. Forest degradation is broadly defined as a reduction in the capacity of a forest to produce ecosystem services such as carbon storage and wood products as a result of anthropogenic and environmental changes (IPCC, 2003; Mosisa, 2015). Degradation of forest resources is an important society concern that is perceived…show more content…
Like in many other parts of the country the problem of forest degradation is very serious environmental problem at the Harenna Buluk District. A decade ago the area was covered with rich natural and indigenous vegetation. But ruthless pressure put on forests by anthropogenic activities are the existence of these forest cover lands. The depletion of forest resources was mainly due to use of forest products for household use purpose and income…show more content…
The rates and extent of the problems are still debatable due to limitations of reliable data and the processes involved are not clearly understood. This study is considered to be an important step towards the bridge of the information gap at the study area. So, there is a hope that agricultural experts, foresters, environmentalists, development agents, non-governmental organizations (i.e., forest management stakeholders) and policy makers. The study contributes additional insights and perspectives for addressing forest management issues, causes of forest degradation and to understand the current situation of forest resources. Also generate first hand information on the problem of forest degradation in the study area for those who are interested to conduct further research on the issue. In Ethiopia, there is no accurate, reliable and consistent data at the national scale, 1.5. Scope of the Study The present study mainly deals with the assessment of forest degradation and biomass estimation and analyses of the trends and changes in forest cover and forest degradation monitoring. Spatially the study was confined only to the administrative boundary of Harenna Buluk District which is found in the Bale Zone of Oromia National Regional State. 1.6. Limitation of the

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