What Are The Positives And Negatives Of Education In Singapore Essay

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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”(Nelson Mandela) Education in South Korea and Switzerland both have good and bad things about them. Education in South Korea is taken very seriously and education in Switzerland is taken seriously as well. Both countries have good educational systems which will be explored in the paper. In South Korea, students aim for the highest education and universities offered to them because education is very important to the people living in South Korea. Some advantages to receiving an education in South Korea is that children are taught both English and Korean. That would be an advantage because the children who grow up learning two languages have greater opportunities to talk to…show more content…
Things that are similar to both countries are the compulsory education both of them have children starting school at age six and going to about seventeen or eighteen. Coupled with the fact that compulsory education is similar is that preschool focuses expanding a child’s curiosity and to teach them social skills that will help them later in life, and in school. Another way that both schoolings are similar is that in both countries a student must pass an entrance exam in order to be eligible to go there. On the other hand, the schoolings are different because they have a different secondary education. The upper secondary education is different years, in Switzerland, they have upper secondary education for two years, in South Korea, upper secondary education lasts for a longer time. Additionally to the fact that upper secondary education is different, preschool is also different. In Switzerland, children are taught social skills more than educational skills, in South Korea children focus more on learning Korean and English rather than social skills. In conclusion, both schools are very different, but they are more similar than they are

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