Essay On Roasting

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2.7 ROASTING Roasting is one of the popular cooking method in our daily life. It is divided as dry cooking method. It uses dry hot air and direct method to circulate and it is suitable for slower cooking meat in larger size foods such as whole piece of meat and poultry. Roasting can occur either in an open flame oven that place on a rack, roasting pan or cooked in an enclosed oven. Although roasting is very similar to baking but the difference between both are the temperature to cook the food. Roasting generally requires very high temperature up to 400°F or above or minimum at 300°F, but roasting often starts with the high temperature and slowly reducing the temperature for the remaining time. Besides that, roasting normally…show more content…
This method cooks food at a comparatively, high temperature and maintaining the water temperature till the food is cooked. The boiling point of water at sea level is 212 °F. Bubbles break through and pop on the surface while the whole batch of liquid agitates vigorously during the process of boiling. Bubbles are caused by water vapor, a gas, flowing to the surface. The main purpose of boiling process is it destroys organic impurities and it converts raw ingredients into cooked foods. Boiling is a simple and convenient cooking method as it does not require special skill and equipment. However, continuous boiling may spoil the texture and structure of the food. Besides, it is time consuming as it takes longer time to cook food and causing the wastage of fuel. Agitating, boiling water keeps the food in motion. In the case of pasta, it can prevent it from sticking, and cooks quickly so the pasta doesn't get soggy. Boiling is also a suitable cooking method for making reducing sauces because boiling causes speedy evaporation, where the volume of the liquid decreases and flavors are
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