Forensic Science Personal Statement

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My interest for Forensic Science was influenced by television, books, films and science museums. I developed my love for science throughout school and this gave the realisation that I really want to study in the field of forensics. Choosing science A levels was the first step in getting closer to studying at university. This gave me the self-motivation and determination that I wanted. Where was two areas that I was most interested. Applied science this showed me health and safety is used in workplaces and also many analytical techniques, such as different physical chromatography, but particularly enjoyed the module relating to forensic science where we had to find out how someone was killed. Geology gave me an insight of how the world works and all the processes, this also showed me how different rocks and fossils from different geological times. Having family in the nursing profession, I had a chance a one week shadowing different health professionals at a local hospital, gaining an understanding of how hospitals day-to-day work is run. I had opportunities to observe and gain skills while at this experience, such as observing ward rounds, recording patients observations, filling in fluid and…show more content…
The unit was specialised in dementia and partly nursing. Also being a kitchen assistant this included assisting at meal times, completing the washing and cleaning up. As a care assistant working in a small team we spent long days assisting elderly resident with their day to day lives and needs. Throughout both of these roles I needed to complete mandortary training sessions to assist me with my job, such as fire safety, moving and handling, infection control and other specific training, this made me more confident on my career and had the different chemicals and cleaning equipment needed in these
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