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A community is health and social care development. Everyone belongs and can work for a community enrichment, sustainability and health of that community. There are many ways that a person can be involved in a community like working and volunteering from different genders and ages in the community. The community can derive the strength from these people. In Australia, these aspects are may be different because there are two main communities which are the Aboriginal communities and non-Aboriginal communities. The understanding of the community and strength level may vary from the two communities. Each community has different involvement, principles, elements and structures. It is very important for a person going through a degree in their life…show more content…
Understanding how the group work and gaining knowledge about the community functions are key aspects. Moreover, Establishing and maintaining effective working partnership is a key in dealing with communities. In relation, an individual cannot solve or develop a problem in the community so, any community whether it is Aboriginal, Non- aboriginal Australian community or any community in the world needs a partnership to achieve strength. Also, partnerships enable the workload and responsibility for the initiative to be shared, contributing to a greater likelihood of ownership. In result these aspects can risen up the power of the community, as well as building the strength. The strength makes the community strong and this term could mean the wellbeing of the community to achieve goals such as sustainable communities, resilient communities and a healthy community.…show more content…
They have a Spiritual connection to country and to people. This connection in the aboriginal society makes for example Extended families. Aboriginal people have strong family values. The family system has an extended family structure, as opposed to the nuclear or immediate family structure. It also encompasses the idea that children are not just the concern of the biological parents, but of the entire community. The raising, care, education and discipline of children are the responsibility of everyone. Moreover, Kinship is important in the Aboriginal community as it is a system defined as where a person fits into the community. Kinship systems may vary across communities and nations but the principle is the same across Australia. In addition, some factors about the Aboriginal community has to be acknowledged before dealing these communities such as they have strong Sense of place and of belonging which gives them the identity and the security. Also, Sharing-is seen as part of Aboriginal people’s responsibility, it is described as an honor and the time Orientation is very significant as Aboriginal people often focus on the past and present rather than on the future with the attitude of ‘live for today’, and not for tomorrow. When going through Aboriginal community, the difficulties of their community must be known as they have been going through very complex problems

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