Summary Of Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man By John Perkins

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The book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is an autobiography of John Perkins. The book is mainly focused on his career as an “ Economic Hit Man”. His role was to convince developing countries to accept loans to improve their economy and create large projects for development, which was to be awarded to American companies. These loans will keep underdeveloped countries from developing and thus developed countries will control them. American companies then set interest in this under developed countries due to cheap labor and cheap products. These foreign aids or loans lead to corruption. Some political leaders of these less developing countries are greedy and they keep the money to their pockets. Thus, there is no progress or development in…show more content…
U.S is keeps these less developed countries from developing and remaining poor. They manipulate and control them, though not by European powers but by economy means.”… The U.S. – is determined to take control of all the world, to become the greatest empire in history. It has already gotten very close to succeeding”(p.52). If the political leaders didn’t want to cooperate, they try to get rid of them. As in the case of the leader of Panama, Omar Torrijos who died in a plane crash but was believed to be an assassination because he did not want to cooperate with the American corporations. This quote from the book shows how the U.S wants to dominate most of the undeveloped countries, “If the U.S. could gain control of Indonesia (with the debts that would incur thanks to the loans for these huge projects), they believed it would help ensure American dominance in Southeast Asia”. When Perkins went for the puppet show in Indonesia. When he was discussing with some of the people that were there, it shows that some of the citizens of these underdeveloped countries know they are been exploited; when of the girls said, “Doesn’t your government look at Indonesia and other countries as though we are just a bunch of…” and her other friend replied by saying “Grapes”.”… You can pick and choose…and throw away Indonesia” and another woman added by saying “After you’ve taken all our

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