Foreign Education: The Benefits Of A Foreign Language

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Why learn another language? A question that many ask themselves, but can learning another language possibly be that beneficial? Various languages are spoken around the globe today. They are an essential part of understanding the many cultures in our modern society. Today, with a growing population, and a higher influx of immigrants, now more than ever would be the most important time to acquire and learn another language. Why is this? Well, being that we live in a multicultural society known as the United States of America, whom does not have an official language. The United States today is home to citizens of many different backgrounds, cultures, and races. According to the United States Census Bureau around twenty percent of Americans…show more content…
According to the United States spends a whopping six-hundred billion dollars on its military. The federal department of education in two-thousand sixteen had a budget of seventy-one billion dollars. My plan of action for my foreign language program is to cut military spending by fifteen billion dollars, then transfer this money into the United States’ federal education budget. The twenty billion dollar increase will go towards hiring various teachers whom specialize in foreign languages, books, up to date electronic devices, and foreign language programs such as Rosetta Stone. Students will have the option of choosing a foreign language to learn at the start of their elementary school experience. Students will be proficient in two languages by the time they leave elementary school. By the time a student graduates high school he or she will have learned an additional two languages. One in middle school, and lastly one in high school. Why do I think this program will benefit a student’s education? I have seen a similar model in European schools, and learning more than one language has led to an increase in a student’s overall…show more content…
America as a whole compared to other countries around the world has put the education of our youth in jeopardy. If we were to enable all of our students to learn a foreign language there would be no negative effect on our society. We could only benefit from it. It is apparent that learning a foreign language is a huge helping factor when it comes to progress and improvements on overall education. Language learning can lead to improvements in cognitive, memory, verbal, reading, and problem-solving skills and also makes it easier to grasp another language. Being that language learning helps our students see improvements in many different skills, we will see major progress in test scores, communication, and helping maintain a diverse culture in America. Our kids are the future of our country, and what better way to pay our country than by paying its future. Improvements will be seen in schools, workplaces, and amongst us all. Education has always been a shaky topic to speak of when it comes to the United States, but now that we have a government who is willing to give back to our youth, we will see our youth give back to us and our country. I will assure that my proposal plan will work, being that by the time our students finish high school, they will be proficient in at least four languages. In order to give into this program, we must stand together and trust the process. America

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