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A century ago, formal education started in Kuwait when several businessmen and clerics established Al-Mubarikiya school to teach mathematics, Arabic language, and religion. In the decades that followed, Kuwait established itself as the education hub for the Gulf Region. Intellectuals from all over the Arab World came to the state in order to teach and benefit from the relatively high wages. Unfortunately, all of this has changed after the Second Gulf War and the education system have been deteriorating year after year, and Kuwaitis have been studying abroad in order to receive proper education that was provided in their home country before. Despite the efforts to reform the education system in Kuwait, the country is still behind compared to the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Studying abroad is a better choice for individuals looking for education because it provides them with the knowledge, skills, and tools that will differentiate them from their competitors in the labor market. Studying abroad gives individuals a great opportunity to learn new languages and cultures. In the age of globalization and free trade, corporations…show more content…
They can gain important skills such as being able to communicate effectively with people from other cultures and being familiar with the law, rules, and customs of other countries which will be crucial to be able to conduct business with them. These skills will make them a better prospect for any multinational corporation that is in desperate need of talents with a globalized world view. Additionally, people who study abroad in universities that have a large percentage of foreign students will be able to have connections all around the world. This will help them in conducting business anywhere in world more easily that people who studied at home. Therefore, studying abroad have a substantial benefit for developing a successful career in the

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