Death In Children's Literature

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Hiding the Truth Welcome to the modern world, a time in history where death in children’s literature is treated either as a frightening demise, a casual and common occurrence, or avoided altogether. Children are the future of this country and greater yet, the world! With this in mind, the children’s books they read help shape their ideals and understanding, thus affecting the future in some fashion. How then should writers approach this underrated yet vital job of entertaining the youth? One of the topics constantly present in children’s literature remains death. This leads to many different ways the reality of death can be portrayed. Francelia Butler wrote in her article “Death in Children's Literature”, “Children begin asking questions…show more content…
“The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” remains a good example of the standard attitude towards death in fairy tales. In the story, the king’s mother happens to be an ogre with a taste for humans! Once the king leaves the kingdom to aid the war effort, the ogre attempts to eat the king’s two children and his wife; the king, however, makes it back just in time to foil her plan. Seeing her mistake, this mother throws herself into a pit full of snakes and other monsters resulting in her death. This example shows a shared approach towards death in fairy tales; death of the evil creatures and people are welcomed, rejoiced and justified. Often no matter how awful the demise, the reader is expected to almost ignore the offending party’s punishment as unimportant and…show more content…
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