Malaysia Day Festival Analysis

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1.0 Introduction The 'Malaysia Day' festival will be carry out in the College Plaza (see fig.1) and the Runway (see fig.2) starting from 6pm until 10pm with the aim of promoting patriotism and Malaysia's culture. Basically, a stage will be set up in the middle of Plaza for culture dances performing purpose and all the vendors will be selling Malaysian foods and some other merchandise in the Runway. This event is targeting approximately 1000 students in Inti International College Subang. In order to reduce the financial burden of the event, a sort list of potential companies to request for sponsorship is prepared. Figure 1.0 INTI International College Subang Plaza (Times Online Media Sdn. Bhd, 2013) Figure 2.0 INTI International College…show more content…
(2010), the great sponsor fit in between sponsor and sponsee leads to an effective sponsorship effect for both parties. Based on the point of view of Colterman (2011), the right sponsor ‘fit’ has three criteria, (1) having the same target audience, (2) the event timing that fits with the sponsor’s marketing schedule, and (3) the nature of event has congruence with the current aims or missions of the sponsor. 3.1 Petronas The reason for choosing Petronas as one of our event sponsors because Petronas is frequently emphasizes the spirit of patriotism and the country's love since Petronas launches several Malaysia Day campaigns to promote social cohesion (Loh, 2015). Over the past few years, Petronas was broadcasting plenty of videos which aim to strengthen solidarity (see fig.3). It would be a great success and eye-catching festival event if able to secure Petronas Berhad as our title sponsor. Figure 3.0 The cultural videos by Petronas Berhad (, 2015) 3.2…show more content…
Since the target attendees of the event are students, it provide a chance for Lap Soon to build their market interactivity and gain product/service exposure among their target market. Furthermore, every college does have extracurricular clubs which organize events frequently and required a lot of printing materials for event promotion; thus, there are lots business opportunities for Lap Soon. Figure 5.0 Facebook Page of Lap Soon Print Station (, 2015) 4.0 Benefits Undoubtedly, sponsors play an important role due to its great contribution in an event (Jamal et al., 2015). These benefits usually include cost reducing, in-kind support, event brand enhancement, and so on. 4.1 Cost Reducing Sponsorships help to reduce cash outlays to run the event regardless it is in cash term or in-kind support (Mcdonald & Milne, 1999). For example, the event host could utilize the cash sponsored in improving the event experience by upgrading the facilities, staging, safety and security without adding burden on event budget. Also, the in-kind support such as canopies service, venue provider, and free souvenir result in fewer expenses being incurred in the event. 4.2 In-Kind

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