How Did Henry Ford Change The World Of Transportation

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Henry Ford was going to change the world of Transportation forever, and it would be for the better. With his brand new invention. The invention of the Horseless Carriage and the Horseless carriage will become the number one mode of transportation. Henry Ford made history with his new innovative technology. Henry Ford was born on July thirtieth, eighteen sixty three in Dearborn, Michigan which was part of Greenville Township. When he got fired from his first job that did not stop him from achieving what he wanted to achieve. When Ford was in his early thirties he created the first gasoline powered horseless carriage in a shed behind his house in eighteen sixty three. Then when Henry was in his mid to late forties he created the Model T. The horseless carriage was more than you would expect because it was an easy way to travel at little cost. When the Model T came to be it was even better…show more content…
Instead of waiting on a train to get you some were you could be there. This made it easier to leave when you wanted to, you didn’t have to follow the trains schedule. In this time of making new things something else was invented by henry Ford for the horseless carriage the assembly line. For the next hundred years the horseless carriage would become a very popular thing it will go from Model A’s and Model T’s to Ford Mustangs and Ford GTs and Chevy’s, and other companies. Finally it was time for Henry Ford to say good bye because nineteen forty seven Henry Ford died in Dearborn in his house at the age eighty three. Henry Ford made a difference in the world of transportation and made it what it is today he took it to the next level. It was all because of Henry Ford that the automobile exists. What Henry Ford did was the most amazing thing ever and Henry made history even more amazing than it already was by inventing the

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