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What was Auschwitz? When did Auschwitz originate? Those questions were often asked between 1940-1945. Auschwitz was the largest Nazi concentration camp and death camp during that time. Auschwitz originated in 1940 and was located in southern Poland ( More than 1 million lives were lost at the concentration camp. The camp was focused at Jewish and other enemies. Most of the time they were exterminated. Elie Wiesel was a famous so each that was called “ After Auschwitz”. Elie devoted himself to ensure than the lost lives of the Jews were never forgotten. “ After Auschwitz, the human condition is not the same, nothing will be the same” ( Elie Wiesel speech pg 380) . He was basically saying that if the human race ever recovers from…show more content…
This camp had 3 purposes. The first purpose was to incarcerate real and perceived enemies of the Nazi regimes for the German occupation authorities in Poland for an indefinite period of the time. The second purpose was to provide a supply of forced laborers for deployment in SS- owned, construction-related enterprises ( and,later, armaments and other war-related production). The third final reason was to serve as a site to physically eliminate small, targeted groups of the population whose death was determined by the SS and police authorities to be essential to the security of Nazi Germany ( The next camp was Auschwitz 11. Out of all the three camps this camp has the largest count of prisoners. This camp was the first to have gas chambers. They would trick the prisoners into going into chamber thinking they were going to take a shower, but actually the shower head contained a deadly gas to kill. Auschwitz 111 was established in October of 1942. I.G Farben invested 2.8 million US dollars into the third camp. Auschwitz 111 was a so-called Labor Education Camp for non-Jewish prisoners who were perceived to have violated German-imposed labor discipline ( They were many commanders ruling the camps. Rudolf Hoss was the main commander of all of the concentration camps, before he was arrested. As stated, Auschwitz was a major historical event for the Jews . This event was a tragic moment. A lot of innocent lives were lost during that

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