Henry Ford: The Inventor Of Henry Ford

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Henry Ford Inventor Many people knew him as a the owner of Ford and the inventor of the Ford car. As a well known inventor and engineer. Henry Ford showed Americans that he could build a car that anyone can afford. Henry Ford’s legacy that he left behind was not always about himself because he didn’t care about the fame or the money he was getting. The early life of Henry Ford was very interesting. His childhood helped him later on in the years. Henry was fascinated by mechanical devices, like watches and windup toys. He got loose scraps of metal and wire and turned them into machines. “Henry got a watch from his dad and he disassembled it and reassembled the watch.” (iacocca, p.2) His childhood was the reason why he had a…show more content…
When Henry was working at the Edison Illuminating Company it helped him be more successful and get his name out there. In 1891, Henry was hired as an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company. Henry was promoted chief engineer two years after he got hired from the Edison Illuminating Company. In 1899, Henry was ready to leave the Edison Illuminating Company so he could start his own company. The Ford Motor Company was good for him because his company was successful. Some of the wealthiest men in Detroit were eager to help Henry start his company. After a few trials of building cars and companies, Henry established the Ford Motor Company in 1903. Henry gave work opportunities that no one would have anywhere else. “By the late 1920’s the company had become so vertically integrated that it was completely self sufficient.” (iacocca, p.3) The Edison Illuminating Company and The Ford Motor Company helped Henry very successful. Henry Ford’s car builds were very popular and made him very rich. When Henry sold the Model A he wasn’t proud of the car. Henry designed a new car model that was bigger than the Quadricycle but he wasn't happy about it. Henry used advertising to convince Americans that his cheaper Model A was a better buy. The Model A sold well and Henry soon moved to a bigger…show more content…
Henry introduced the Model T, the first car to be affordable for most Americans in 1908. Henry produced more than sixty-five thousand Model T’s in 1912. “The model T in 1908 was $950, and in 1927 the price was reduced to $290.” (Burgan, p.36) The success of the Model T made Henry Ford very rich. The Model T and the Model A made Henry boost him up to a bigger factory. Henry Ford’s problems made him struggle in his career. Henry Ford’s had struggles with starting his business. When Henry stumbled, it was because he wanted to do everything his way. Henry didn’t like working for investors he wanted things to go his own way so the company only lasted for 4 months. His investors got so impatient and after 2 years the company shut down. Henry’s court problems made him stumble a little bit. Henry’s political views earned him criticism over the years. “In 1903, the Association of licensed Automobile Manufacturers stopped his company because Henry was not a licensed manufacturer.” (Burgan, p.35) The business and court problems didn’t help him or his

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