How Did Henry Ford Revolutionize America?

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Henry Ford first started with an idea to revolutionize America with the introduction of the Model T. The Model T was the first car of its kind which had no factory options. After the invention of the assembly line, Henry Ford made the sale of cars available to the middle and working class. The assembly line was first used in 1913 (S1), the new technique made workers stay in once place and eventually making the car piece by piece. Therefore, it sped up the production of the car and other mass production objects. The impact of the assembly line had a social and engineering impact. The car became more affordable to the common public so it made people buy more cars. Overtime with the invention of new and useful machines such as robots, humans had…show more content…
Ford realized that he had to make these cars at a faster pace and available to the common public. So he introduced Frederick Taylor to the assembly line, Taylor being a motion-study expert, he started building machines that could stamp out parts automatically. (S2) Safety is always the first priority for an engineer. With the creation of the assembly line, less workers had the risks of getting injured. While technology is advancing every day, modern engineers developed robots to take over the risky part of the assembly line. I quote from (S7) "You might use a robot for carrying around a car seat or could use it for loading a mold where exposed to risk. Saving a worker from chemical exposure is really one of its most important uses." During the era of Henry Ford there wasn’t enough knowledge to build a robot so Ford was more focused on how to make the T Model much quicker and make the making of a car more effective. Now lets take away the creation of the assembly and focus on how the car make it all possible for the creation of the assembly line to be invented. Fords engineers studied the assembly process very closely. “They soon realized that they could accelerate production if the workers stayed in one place and the parts to be assembled came to them by conveyor systems.”

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