Football Is A Team Sport

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I believe that football is a team sport. Football is not all about winning and losing, it’s about having fun and being on a team. Football is about playing like a team and having fun,that's how you win you play like a team. We all forget that though, like yesterday we were tied up in the 4th quarter and we started blaming each other. Later in the last 3 minutes we played like a team and won 22-6. That’s what happens when you play like a team. When the game starts, nothing else matters but playing like a team, You have to have your head in the game. You don’t think about anything else, but football. You don't need to have great athletes to be a good team if you work hard, be a leader, and play like a team you will win. This our first year of all of us as 1 team.…show more content…
Now we're in 7th grade were more grown up and we just want to play and win as a team. When we're in the locker room before a game we're not all bragging about how good one person's going to do, we get each other pumped because if somebody’s mind isn’t in the right set, you’re not going to play like a team. That’s why you play like a team, that’s the best way to play football. When somebody get’s a big gain or a touchdown, They couldn’t of got that gain or touchdown without the quarterback giving them the ball or the line blocking, that's why it’s a team sport. After the game the coaches don't tell one person they did good they tell everyone, because they couldn’t of done without the rest of us. That’s why I love football because it’s not an individual sport it’s team sport. There’s no “I” in team. When you get mad at someone you forget right away.You correct it and play
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