Compare And Contrast Wrestling And Football

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In football and wrestling you have two totally different setups. In the two sports you have clothing, sides of the ball or the mat and you have what the accomplishments are. Sports fans those who are lovers for the game of football and wrestling. In those sports there are some particular clothing youre going to want to know about. For that information you may want to read the first paragraph to see some of the similarities between football and wrestling. Next would be the sides of the ball you have offense and defense that goes for wrestling as well. After that would be the concept of scoring for those who are just beginning to learn the sports may want to read about this in the third body paragraph. Last thing would be the accomplishments that are most likely wanted by a player or the team in the two sports. Between the sports of wrestling and football the clothing is different. In football you have multiple clothes you have to wear, but a helmet in football is certified to protect the players. Football helmets should have the right amount of padding and the material of the helmet should meet the certification so it does not crack when in play. The jerseys help protect the player on the field and lets the fans…show more content…
Scoring a touchdown is when the team with the ball runs or throws the football in for a touchdown and that equal up to six points. Field goals are when it's fourth down or theres short time left and you're in kicking distance to be able to score on the opposing team. Thats when you kick the ball in for 3 points. Pick six is when the defense catches the ball that the quarterback threw and runs it in for a touchdown. In football it takes the team to be able to score that touchdown or that field goal because with only one person against the other 11 it would not work. Football is a team scoring

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